PrestaShop Latour Theme Documentation

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Travel - Prestashop Responsive Theme

You need to buy a domain and hosting prescribe ND server for the domain, after your domain will be visible from the Internet

you need to install cms prestashop, if all these steps are done successfully, you can move on to installing and configuring the template. to

start the installation log in the back office to the Templates tab and then click to add a new template. Select the archive with the template

on your computer, and then download

1. I bought the template and it is very different from the demo
2. I want to understand itself with a template to understand how it works
3. How much is paid support?
4. How long will it take to solve my problem or modifications
5. Why do I have a long wait for an answer?
6. whether to update your templates?
7. What is the cost of renovation?
8. How many times can I use the free installation?
9. How can I help you?
10. I have an idea how to improve your template / module
11. I have a question, but I have not found an answer to it?
1.Can you give me perfect size for picture of slider please? What is the hook ?


2. In demo the top menu has a dropdown list menu. But i do not see a dropdown in my shop. Why?

  • You need to add subcategories for your categories. Look a section "CONFIGURATION MODULE" subsection "Main menu".


3. I would like to know if your themes is compatible the multi-store function.

- All our themes fully supports multistore. 


If you can not download the file from the first time it can be

  several reasons:

  1 It is necessary to increase the size of the file max_upload_filesize at least 20 megabytes. The size depends

  from the template, then in the back office in the setup tab settings need to increase the download size at least 8 MB.

  First increase in hosting, and then in the back office tab naystroyki. If you do not know how to increase the limits on the hosting contact your hosting


  2 Lack of RAM, connection timeout, 500 error or crash the browser. Check the connection, increase

  connection timeout to at least 120 seconds, just in case, save all programs, restart the computer, if it is weak.

  It is recommended to use only the new version of the browser chrome and firefox, it is not recommended to install a lot of plug-ins

  (more than 10), it can greatly affect performance.

  3 If the configuration file is damaged or email us if you have any other problems, initially the theme will look like

  incomplete, after the installation was successful template to be filled template content:

  1. Slider (revolution slider)


Regenerate thumbnails, if a lot of them you may need to run

  several consecutive regeneration or buy a separate module which will not issue 500 error when regeneration.

  In special cases, for normal operation prestaShop necessary to change the tariff plan or hosting.


To change the name of the theme at the top next to the logo, go to the back office to the tab translation (template), select the desired language, get in line with the title transfers template using (ctrl + f), replace the name of the store on his or by a space.



Check to see if you have all the necessary software.
You will need:

Download the archive with the latest version of PrestaShop.

Unpack the archive to the server in the root directory of the site

Type in your browser link to your site, open the installer. Follow the steps of the installer



Install PrestaShop step 1



Install PrestaShop step 2

Install PrestaShop step 3



Delete/rename folder

Login to back office

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4









Custom banners

After installation of theme on your shop you need to reset the module "Custom Banners" and "Amazzing Blog"

Frontend of module:

1. (hook "displayTopColumn")

2. hook "displayLeftColumn"

3. hook "displayHome"

How to edit a banners

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Main menu

Frontend of module:

Back office:


Amazzing blog

After installation of theme on your shop you need to reset the module "Custom Banners" and "Amazzing Blog"



Back office:

Pro contact information block

Back office:



Back office:




Available on request

- How can i rate your product?

Hide a module on selected pages




No filter on the category page. Why?

You need to configure the module "Faceted search".

If there are no templates you need to create a filter template. 

Step 1:

Step 2:


Step 3:

How to know the size of images and other elements in theme

You need to use the "Chrome dev tools".

We are a team of 5 people live in different cities and even countries, we have different knowledge and skills, attitudes, but we are united and work PrestaShop.

Together we most effectively use their strengths to make the best products, whether templates, modules or documentation. We also cooperate with other known freelancers and companies, some of which have the status of certified partners and all of them are recognized as excellent PrestaShop community experts.

We are working very hard, every day, until the entire job is done =)

But we also love to relax. Half of our team engaged PrestaShop over 5 years. We work at home, it makes the most comfortable and efficient workflow and build as quickly as possible ovtechat your soobeschniya.

Every month we produce a minimum of 1 and a template module. Constantly making improvements already made products. We have recently completely switched to only create their designs.

Therefore, our work is not so much about 20 templates and 15 modules (most of whom are not yet published) We have big plans for this Godi we want to become certified by the developer.  

When supported: If there are problems with the installation, if there is a problem with the modules, if you want to answer some simple questions. If your case does not fit this description then we can offer paid support.

What is Zen option ?

Zen option - an extension of support for the product sold on the trading floor of the PrestaShop Addons. It concerns only one product at a time and includes support and updates the corresponding product . Zen option includes two services :

Zen option is not only available at an attractive price at the time of purchase of the product , but can be purchased from the customer's account and after purchasing the product .

What does it include?

In Zen option includes the following :

That does not include the option of Zen ?

Where can I sign up for the option of Zen ?

You can subscribe to Zen option at the time of purchasing the product directly from his client account to the " Support and Updates " tab .